Countryside Animal Clinic is pleased to offer to our clients boarding facilities for both cats and dogs at our practice. Why do people choose to board their pets? Vacations, medical emergencies, or moving to a new home, are all reasons that we hear from our clients on why they are entrusting us with their beloved pets.

In Clinic Diagnostics

Countryside Animal Clinic is able to keep their services and diagnoses efficient and accurate by employing an in-house laboratory. This enables our veterinarian and staff to examine blood counts, fecal matter and even skin scrapings.

Laser Surgery

The latest techniques are used by Countryside Animal Clinic in the surgical suite of our animal hospital. Laser surgery is utilized to decrease bleeding during surgery, improve healing, and make more accurate incisions and removal of masses or tumors.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is the use of light energy to heal damaged joints, muscles and even promote wound healing. Results from using this type of treatment are seen almost immediately. Laser therapy is painless and your pet will relax while our staff focuses on problem areas.

We are here to ensure your pet's health and happiness!